Owonyc dA

Hiatus for unknown period of time. probably quite a while.

I’ve tried getting back into drawing for the blog again, but I don’t feel the same vibes as before. so I’m just gonna do other art stuff mostly outside of mlp from now on.

if ya want more of my art you could always follow my “mod blog” (I reblog some shit and do text posts, but don’t worry, I don’t spam ya):

it’s ok anon, it’s ok *pats* 

1st commission in the commission sale thingy :3


mod: because I felt like it 



mod: because I felt like it 

mod: because I felt like it 


mod: because I felt like it 

about the future of the blog

I’m not completely sure of what the future will be with this blog. I am very glad I got this many of you to follow me n stuff.
but I don’t think it’s in my best interests to work on this blog as often as I usually do from now on.

I do not want to abandon it though, I will just be more away from the blog. and just post less.
call it a hiatus that comes and goes from time to time.

yea, that was all. I don’t want to keep it too long.


So i hit another followers Milestone, and as i promised here is a giant milestone post! Sorry i couldn’t add you all! Here are all the ponies in order:

Batch one:

Sexy AppleJack, Sera, DiamondDust, Soaring Paws.

Batch two:

PitchPatch, CookieCrumble, Electro Beats, Astrid.

Batch three:

Spades, Wolf, FlyingAce, Knyght.

Batch four:

Battyshy, Winter, Blazs, Soulycat.

Batch five:

Cristice, CaramelSmile, FlowerPoni, RainRunner,

Batch six:

Mae, Purple, Ivy, Sparx.

Batch Seven:

Gargle, Fireant, Captain RainbowDash, MageWing.

Batch eight:

Pwnytrain, SpaceShock, Shapherd, Short Circuit.

Little Fluffy Pony Chibis for you all! c:


…. n-not really?


Just watch it.

idc if ya dont’ like me reblogging this, but this is fucking important ya hear. watch the video, share it with others.